Tired of trying to keep up with creating content? Or paying exorbitant fees for SEO that takes months for minimal results?

We will help you to be taken seriously as a small local business, and increase your local ranking quickly while maintaining integrity. You have my guarantee.

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ContentFIRE On-Demand System

A unique, never-seen-before, content creation and distribution service that outperforms any other SEO ranking services available.

We put the pieces together from content creation to distribution, and it's all Done For You.

What you get with EACH Distribution:

Painted Hand Content Creator

Content Creation and Distribution

We create a finely crafted article, blog, video, audio, and pdf using AI Software automation and a hands-on highly skilled writing team, which focuses on various products, services, features & problems you solve.

Distribution to the powerhouse of 300+ authority news sites, all with back-links to your website.

The best part? Once those pieces of content are live, they continue to serve you traffic month-over-month at no additional cost to you.

Pile of Newspapers for Articles


A simple article about your product/service with skillfully selected keywords, distributed to 3rd party news sites, i.e. CBC, NBC, Fox, Google News, Star Tribune, PLUS 100s more.

Typing on Keyboard for Blogs

Real Blog Sites

A simple blog about your product or service with skillfully selected keywords, distributed to high authority blog networks. i.e. Twitter, Facebook and more

Mic for podcast creation

Podcast Sites

AI reproduction of article into an audio snippet then fired off to high authority podcast directories. i.e. Podbean, buzzsprout and more

coffee and tablet set up for PDF creation

Slideshows & PDF Sites

AI reproduction of article into a slideshow/PDF and distributed to calameo, LinkedIn and Slideshare.

Computer Screen showing Video Creation

Video Sites

AI reproduction of article into a video and distributed to YouTube, Vimeo

Why ContentFIRE?

We care about your local business

Confident you'll be 100% happy with the growth

The Path Through The Process

Initial Call -

Confident you'll be 100% happy with the growth

Benefits of ContentFIRE

  • Authority in your local market
  • Ranking in Google searches
  • Massive traffic and increased sales
  • Exposure to over 300+ reputable media sites
  • Unlike ads, traffic is yours for years to come... to name a few.

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