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Become a Local & industry authority in any niche:

Strategies for Long-Term, reliable visibility using our done-for-you system.

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Why ContentFIRE?

We care about your local business

Confident you'll be 100% happy with the growth

The Path Through The Process

Initial Call -

Confident you'll be 100% happy with the growth

New Customers

Our automated marketing assistants can find you, new customers, and get them to buy from you. This often results in a dramatic boost in revenue.

Existing Customer

Have our automated marketing assistants collect your customer's contact information and keep them buying more from you

Many Channels

It's no longer good enough to just be using a single form of media. Just email, just Facebook or any single channel doesn't cut it in today's world.

Committed To Excellence

Our team is committed to providing you with amazing service.

However, our most important job is to help you get new customers and substantially increase your revenue.

With our modern strategies and cutting-edge tools typically only available to fortune 500 companies: we can help bring you results, your competitors will be jealous over.

Talk to us today and discover some of the surprising things we can do to help you generate more profit.

What Can Our Automated Marketing Do For You?

Bringing More Clients Who Spend More Money:

Prospecting With Ads

Using Facebook, Twitter, or Google ads - your marketing assistant can reach out & contact potential customers and have chat conversations to get them interested!

Pre-qualify Leads

Does your company work with leads or subscribers? Your own automated assistant can talk to your leads, discover information about them, and even pre-qualify those leads for you!

Selling Through Conversations

Once the automated assistant is talking to your ideal customers, it can directly sell them your products and services through real-time conversations!

Viral Referrals

Incentivize your customers and fans to tell their friends about your business. Your automated assistant can encourage them to get you word of mouth & even track the results!


Simplify your life by automating simple tasks.

This can be missed call text backs, 24/7 monitoring and communication, increase ratings, appointment reminders and voicemails. Skies the limit.

Find out what modern marketing automation & our digital automated assistants can do for your business

Get a Free Consultation:

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Modern Marketing Automation

This is what works today to grow any type of business

  • Health & Medical
  • Retail Sales
  • E-commerce Sales
  • Service Businesses
  • Sales Organizations
  • Home Improvement
  • Automotive
  • Any Business Type!!

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Results Others Are Getting?

See how our solutions increased the profits of other businesses:

Daniel C. Testimonial

Daniel C.

"This is a game-changer for our Mexican restaurant. We've always done the 'old school' forms of marketing. When we worked with you, we wanted two things: New local customers and returning repeat customers on tap.

In just under two weeks, we now have hundreds of local leads and can communicate with them across three distinct channels. Facebook, SMS and Email.

We were super skeptical at first but after the third day, we're so impressed we're ready to expand the campaign!"

Dr. Kristine Testimonial

Dr. Kristine

It has been a huge help... we have gotten a lot of interest/ clients/ and contacts... and our live event tomorrow is now sold out. Thank you guys so much!

It has been so successful several of the doctors in the building are jealous...

I can NOT thank you enough!! As the screenshot will show we have a lot of sign-ups. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help get this out there to the world!! Thank you again for all of your help.”

Nicholas M. Testimonial

Nicholas M.

"Thanks to your strategies and the ingenious software... you've more than tripled the size of my handmade jewelry business.

I could see the results almost immediately once the campaign began. Now I have thousands of people subscribed to my business and hundreds of new customers."

Jake F. Testimonial

Jake F.

"Once you launched us, we generated $10,000 in house painting sales in one day.

We spent $100 on ads and got $10,000 in sales!"

How Does It Work?

There are an endless variety of different campaign types, but here are four example campaigns we can do for you:

Facebook Messenger Ad To Automated Marketing Assistant:

Advertising on Facebook attracts prospective clients & your automated assistant convinces them to subscribe to your business and buy from you.

Text Message To Automated Marketing Assistant:

This type of campaign is perfect for capturing customers on location. Your assistant will get them to subscribe and buy from you. They can even upsell and cross-sell the customer's products while inside your store!

Facebook Lead Capture:

We can directly extract leads from Facebook in a 100% legal and compliant way. This gets you a flood of leads and more sales.

Viral Tell-A-Friend Referral Campaign:

We can build you an automated assistant that gets your customers and subscribers to tell their friends about your business. This can even get you to "go viral" online.

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