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Does Content Marketing Really Grant Your Medical Spa or Clinic an Advantage?

Content Marketing| Medical Spas or Clinics
October 11, 20226 min read

“Content is King.” - Bill Gates


There are many different types of marketing that can be used to promote your medical business and services. Email, radio, paid advertising, and social media posting can all be used as part of your marketing strategy. But did you know that one of the best ways to get the word out about your clinical offerings is by using content marketing?

In case you didn’t already know it, content marketing is a highly effective tool to create recognition and generate awareness. Just think about the last time you had a question or looked for something online. It also has the added bonus of driving traffic to your medical spa website and helps to drive sales and conversions. 

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With that said, here is why you should invest in a content marketing strategy! 😱


Whether you are creating your own content or paying someone else to do it for you, the truth is that content marketing is highly cost-effective. When compared to marketing tactics like paid advertising, content marketing is ahead in leaps and bounds. Unlike paid ads that only remain visible while you are forking out cash, your content remains visible forever once posted, and evergreen content can last for years. Within the medical spa industry a strong content strategy, keywords and phrases can be targeted and content created for a huge variety of topics that will promote medical services.


As written content is static - in the sense that it remains visible once posted - it can be a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website. Well-structured content that ranks high in search will not only raise visibility but it will also increase the number of visitors who will click through to your medical spa site. The more traffic your site attracts the better it will rank in search results, so content can have the effect of raising website and domain authority and making your site highly relevant to searchers.


Along the same lines, quality written content can be used to generate business leads for your clinical business. Calls to action, data capture, and lead forms can all be incorporated or linked to your content. In turn, this information can be used to power email marketing or schedule client calls with potentially interested customers. At the very least it is a way to keep contact information on hand for people who have some interest in your business and its services or products.

Easily outsourced

Content writing is a skill that is in high demand and is relatively easy to outsource. In fact, there is a strong argument for letting a professional writer manage the creation of your articles and not attempting to do it yourself. The time it takes to write medical content can be managed better by a full-time writer and they will have insights into the type of topics that will work well for your clinical business or medical spa. While they craft content on your behalf, your time can be spent more productively on other areas of your business. 

For content writing to be effective it will need elements like:

  • A strong hook

  • Appropriate word count

  • Technical SEO

  • On page SEO

  • Keyword research

These factors mean that your content will rank better in search and be more effective, so unless you are an expert writer with technical capabilities, it can be wise to engage the services of a professional content writing expert or company.


Content writing is a versatile marketing tool that can be used to position your medical spa business in front of certain groups or demographics. The structure and nature of your content can be designed to appeal to specific groups of people. Content can be written that will attract anyone from skateboarding youths to mid-career financial investors. No matter what type of clinic or business you operate, or what industry you work within, you can be sure that content marketing has a place in it.


Generating a good number of blogs and articles for your company carries with it a number of advantages, one of them being brand recognition. The more content that is out there for your company, the more users will become familiar with your company and its name. It can help to create content regularly and consistently to keep it fresh and provide your audience with something new periodically.

What should I look for in a content writing service?

If you do decide to outsource your content creation, which can be advisable, you may be faced with the challenge of finding a quality writer. Looking for a freelancer or company can be challenging as there are hundreds available. However, not all writers are high quality or offer good service. Additionally, not all will understand your medical spa business or the kind of things you are trying to achieve with your content marketing, so you will want a partner who understands your goals. 

Typical goals can be things such as:

  • Brand awareness

  • Lead generations

  • Data capture

  • Sales and conversions

  • Website traffic

  • Budget / ROI Focused

Depending on company goals an experienced writer will tailor your content to achieve the desired outcomes by using their knowledge and experience to craft actionable content. 

The goal here is to find someone you trust (whatever that means for you) and stay calibrated towards growth.

Kick up your efforts with Multimedia Branding

What is Multimedia Branding? I will go more in depth on this on a future blog post, however, it’s necessary to mention here. Multimedia marketing or multimedia branding is kicking content marketing up 1,000 notches. This is the ideal approach to using content to market your brand to gain visibility by creating and distributing content using several different mediums.

There is a lot to say on multimedia marketing… In short, the more content you put out on a consistent, regular basis, the more results you'll see.

Stay-tuned for more on this subject. You can learn more about our services here.

Final words

Once you have found the content service you wish to partner with it is wise to discuss things like spa topics and posting frequency until you have a content strategy and plan that you are satisfied with. Posting consistency is a major factor which will have an impact on things like your medical spa’s search visibility and traffic so plan carefully. 

There are a lot of options out there. As a busy business owner, I understand the push and pull of the marketing world. The constant begging for attention and promises that fall short. I’m an active Registered Nurse and it’s my goal is to help local businesses find what they need to best support them and avoid the gimmicks and big promises that are flooding the internet.

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